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Holaste, mi nombre es catalina y soy chilena, pero mas que eso magallanica loco <3 soy rara y divertida si queri hablarme dale po asdrftgyjkhgf



Really, Heather? Really? You would just go out of line and inadvertently point to Naya even though you were obviously supposed to point at the crowd?  Even if Naya doesn’t see, you don’t care because you mean it more than anything and that’s what matters. And somehow, you know that Naya feels just the same.

Oh and Naya, that come-hither? I can’t with you two.

brittana ruined my life… in the best way possible.

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Ponte a mirar atrás, unos 4 meses o 5 aproximadamente. ¿Cuánta gente que creías que era importante ha desaparecido de tu vida?



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Reír en mute & aplaudir como foca enferma.


adkhasdklasdjasdhpñklajkoñqweljqweklqwej ahy me pasa…

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